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Disclosure: This post may seem...offensive to you, and you may have never done any of this, and if so, this is not for you. This tone is highly directed to some the bad apples here and there. That we are trying to push away to make yours and our experience better.  I'm sure you can see some answers to questions you may have while you laugh and the lack of common sense, with the way people have been acting lately.


Couple rules for the rude


1- Deposits are non refundable.


2- You have to book an appointment with $100


3-DON'T BRING YOUR KIDS!!!!!! We do not care how good they behave, they are ALWAYS a problem, and Do NOT belong in a tattoo studio. 


4 - If you have no idea what you want, or where you want it makes our job hell, especially if you're being picky, so you liked an artist for a reason? let them put some cool shit on you. We want to do badass tattoos just as much as you want something that inspires you. Lets work together, just dont waste our time by being extra. It's all about flow when you get tattooed, and we want to flow with you. If it doesn't flow, we can, and will point you in the right direction. We love seeing people linked up with the right artist. Don't take offence to our ability to view things in a better way. 


5 - If you're broke, please do not come to our shop. When you come to our shop & take up our time (no matter what we are doing a.t.m.) we get highly distracted. We could have been working, eating a 4 min meal, or having a chuckle with our friends for a moment to mentally prepare for the task we're about to perform. Have what you want in mind, and the location. Be open minded on ideas and get ready to be asked some weird questions, because they arn't weird to us.  It's our job to take your idea,  mix it with our artist skills, and create something we both didn't think was possible.  


6 - Our regular clients here are beyond amazing. We cherish them, and the best part about it is that we only allow the clients that we know will represent the shops reputation, and our artwork to the highest standards. If you have been coming in for a while you know the prices get chopped down pretty nice. We are always seeking friends, whats the point if we are not having fun doing sweet tattoos on likeminded people? 


7 - If you want to move your appointment, give us 2 days notice, its simple, do NOT call us and act like you don't know what the deposit is for. When we keep it, and eat Mooses Tooth with it because you decided to stand us up.... Don't be upset! 


We've heard all the excuses too, some clever, most the same (especially military people that think we don't know any better) love you guys to death, and ima let you know a little secret, when you get tattooed at a shop that gives "military discount" the artist have a tendency to charge higher, and give you said discount, sometimes resulting in even higher amount. Watch those fuckers. they are scum of the earth. We charge everyone fairly, and we avoid stuff like that, by being honest. every day, all day, with everything, and about everyone. sometimes it makes us look bad, but at least we have our word. and you aint shit, without that, to us. 


8-  When it comes to the deposit- You may transfer the deposit to a friend, but the tattoo has to be something the artist is happy doing. and the deposit is always non refundable. Don't waste our time. we're not a bank, you can't deposit money, talk to us, and then decide later were not the ones for you, and then decide you want to come ask for your mistake to be paid back to you, your way. Our time is valuable, and it's disrespectful to treat us like that. 


9- We're not burger king workers, most people just can't have it their way. We stress ourselves over our work, & lose sleep over the stress as is. Tattooing is tough on us, and what makes us happy is when our friends love us for who we are, and want to take the journey with us. Life is short, do what you want, when you want, with the people you want, and get tattooed by people who are actually honored to tattoo you.


69- We love tips, I mean who the hell wouldn't?  Honestly a batch of cookies, weird oddities, or a hand job above the pants while feeding us nachos are the best gifts ever, everything is your choice, and tips are NEVER expected!!! We make it our mission to make everyone as comfortable as possible, while keeping our humours banter to a respectable level. but, it is a tattoo studio, you may find yourself in a conversation you may not be able to explain very well to your other friends. You're in our home, respect our way of living.  :)


4- We have a $100 deposit, and I feel like thats going up soon. $100 doesn't seem like too much to some of the brokest, meanest, assholes. We understand being young, and broke, we were are all there once. trust Above the 

Rest, we understand when you're hurting, and in desperate need for ink-therapy.  We love young folks almost as much as our older, more mature clients (probably the only people smart enough to read through this stuff) promise : /


4 - Do not drink 24rs before your appt. and nooo we don't care if you join a beer drinking team the night you get your tattoo... and drink so much you pee on a cop while in the cop car, its not going to effect the tattoo, the staph from jail just might, so be mindful and have no doubt, you absolutely WILL commit a felony once you have been branded with Satans stain. 


4- Keep it simple, and take care of it two too three times a day,(duh) little Lubiderm, clean it with clean hands while using antibacterial soap. easy right? don't buy all that b.s. they sell to make money off your tattoo, unless we start selling it... then its actually worth a shit, because we fucking care, and we also like money. but as of now, boring ass lubriderm because it simply does what you need and it does it well.

0- Well I could go on all night talking about rules... Society has really messed up our image with all the tv shows, and the bullshit conventions that are ran by people that don't belong. Somethimes they can be on positive note, but the shows really change about 90% of how people perceive us, and how we should be treated. We all know how reality tv is fucked, why wouldn't it be any different for resectable tattoo studios? 

We here at Above the Rest fight tooth, and nail for our reputation, and we care immensely about our clients , and we will fight anyone, and we mean anyone that gets in the way of those two.

Cheers -Chris-




Not all artist accept PayPal, some accept cash only. Do not pay through other artist link